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Pratt MID

Inter-Perspective, showcases the varying and interconnected perspectives of our 25 graduate thesis projects. Each project addresses a core design issue, fills a need or solves a problem, and together this class sends a clear message to the world: designers belong everywhere.

YOG-Interactive and personalized yoga training at home


Individuals, Interactions
WETWORK emergency flood escape door system open in flooded room


Individuals, Interactions
solitary bee in the city


Ecosystems, Communities
The Heer-oh Desk is a desk and partition design made of wood, shoji paper and leather.

The Heer-oh Desk

overview of cooking mate design

Cooking Mate

Interactions, Individuals
A rendering of an injector, a needle cartridge, an injector case, and a phone with app displayed

Maywell - a user-friendly self-injection experience

Individuals, Interactions
A complex of bamboo joints

Bamboo Ready: A Furniture Formula

ZERO: A helper for measuring to get the better body looking


Individuals, Interactions
One plate fits all: cooone in three different folded modes


A white background image with a blue object light on the right and grey and color rug tiles placed in random order around the object light

Moving Mind (Momi) : Thinking with our bodies

Interactions, Communities
Hero shot

Waste Remanufactured

Serving utensil set in the pure color background, including tongs, paddle, skimmer, ladle, and private plate.

Serving Grace

Communities, Interactions
product render of Jemi Nje's 3 components: the application, the speaker and the stand

Jemi Nje : We Are One

Communities, Interactions
Low sofa set with "Wo Ta" unit on the side.

East-Asian Hybrid Modernity

Communities, Individuals
Private Spaces In Temporary Shelters


Communities, Individuals
2 chidren wearing the textura pouches walking against a white background

Textura: Smart Wearables for ASD

Communities, Interactions
A set of design for parakeets' health care, including a detachable cage, a weight scale and a camera holder


Interactions, Individuals
front view of Gotcha


Interactions, Communities
Human and senior dog bonding on sofa cushion

Meyou 密友

Interactions, Individuals
Lighting fixture paired with a mobile app

Ambient Noses for Anosmia

Communities, Interactions
Trash Pass system with open bin on the beach.

Trash Pass

Ecosystems, Communities
Concept image of jogger passing by a CityBench with LET/D.


Interactions, Communities
a set of tool for children social activities to detect tree health

tree detection tool

Ecosystems, Interactions
collection of flexible seating

mimon - pick your seat!

Communities, Interactions
A series of seed starter pots made from hemp biomaterial.

Hemp Matter

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